Next generation supply chain management: issues, challenges and scenario planning with Emeritus Professor Chandra S Lalwani

Hull University Business School

11 October from 11.00 to 13.00 at the Diplomat Radisson

The next-generation supply chain is a network of all the entities in the extended supply chain, from product design and development to procurement and sourcing, supply and demand matching, logistics and distribution, sales force automation, and customer support. Achieving success depends on configuring the right logistics network, engaging in the right alliances and partnerships, selecting the right production, inventory and distribution- and of course developing contingency plans.

The changing ICT landscape has facilitated the complex and dynamic flow of products and the resulting e-supply chain solutions have the potential to compress cycle time, lower inventories and reduce overheads. However, the increasing level of international trade often implies higher uncertainty and thus the need to identify underlying causes and strategies to protect against potential disruptions.


About the Speaker

During this workshop Professor Lalwani will explore next generation supply chain issues and challenges for the future and present the findings of his research with industrial and academic partners from India, Thailand China and the UK.

Professor Lalwani is Emeritus Professor in Supply Chain Management at Hull University Business School. Before joining the school, Professor Lalwani was a Deputy Director and Co-investigator at Cardiff Business School on the EPSRC Cardiff University Innovative Manufacturing Research Centre (over GBP£3.25 million research grant) and Principal Investigator on one of its three flagship research projects, namely, Mass Customised Collaborative Logistics in Sustainable Manufacture. His current research interests include next generation supply chains and logistics, integration of transport in supply chains, retail logistics, port centric logistics, supply chain modelling, ICT applications in supply chains and mass customised logistics. He has undertaken projects with organisations such as Tesco, Nestle, Innocent Foods, Tata Steel, Rolls Royce, GBA Group, Rhys Davies, and Multi-Serv.

Professor Lalwani He is Co-Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Logistics Management, co-author of a book on ‘Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management’ published by John Wiley in 2012’ and is Visiting Professor at Newcastle University and RMIT University.

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