Managing in Organisations with Dr. Claire Hookham Williams from the University of Hull

MDCI are pleased to announce the latest intake of students in Bahrain (Bahrain intake 36) will be starting their studies on the 27th March with and induction and then the 1st module; Managing in organisations with Dr. Claire Hookham Williams from the University of Hull Business School.

Managing in Organisations module is Part of the ‘Managing in a Global Context’ theme, this module develops understanding of the nature of contemporary organisations, and the challenges of managing within complex and volatile environments.

It examines issues such as leadership and managing change and explores the ways in which organisational structures and processes can enable effective working practices.  Since there is an increasing need for organisational members to have the requisite skills and knowledge to operate within culturally diverse environments, the module also explores cross-cultural issues.

The module addresses the complexity of behavioural issues in contemporary organisational life and provides theoretical and conceptual frameworks through which to explore competing and conflicting perspectives on why the ‘people’ aspects of organisations often prove to be most challenging. The module is underpinned by research in the OBHRM subject group particularly in the fields of leadership, learning, personal and organisational development.

The aim of the module is to assist participants to critically reflect on the nature of organisations and management in contemporary society and to develop the self-awareness and skills required for managing and working in organisations characterised by change and uncertainty.

Students will be finding out more and discussing the following key areas;

  • Introduction to the module
  • Learning and Development
  • Management Development
  • Communication
  • Motivation
  • Groups and Teams
  • Leadership
  • Organisational Structure
  • Organisational Culture
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Decision-Making and Change
  • Conflict, Power and Politics



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