MDCI enter into exciting partnership with Value Chain Network to help organisations in the Middle East with their Global supply chain



MDCI is pleased to announce a partnership with a leading Australian Value Chain organisation – Value Chain Network Pty Ltd. Founded by Prof David Walters, this company can help organisations in the Middle East understand and get the best results from their global supply chain.

Global businesses have established value chain networks to work within the emerging business environment. Value Chain Network Pty Ltd is an organisation that has practical experience of applying this rapidly growing business model.

Essentially the value chain concept integrates and coordinates the design and development, production, sales and marketing, distribution and service activities of a group of organisations that together have identified a market (or customer) opportunity requiring the collective expertise of ‘best practice’ companies who together deliver world class value.

Products and services now have multiple applications and business organisations are redefining their core capabilities and processes collectively.  In the traditional business model companies competed with each other; in the developing business model “global value chain networks” are competing with each other.

At the industry level value chains (GE, ABB, eBay and PayPal, Li and Fung) have developed business ecosystems as the basis of a business model capable of understanding how organisations are working in this new business environment  In this climate of change businesses often have to cope with being small but essential components in business ecosystems/global value chain networks; often they are not identified and the end-user customer has no knowledge of them, however they are integral to the success of the total network.

MDCI Chief Executive Rob Rice, recognizes the need for organizations in the region to have a greater understanding of the Global Supply Chain and welcomes the relationship with VCN Pty Ltd.

Value Chain Network Pty Ltd offers a range of consultancy, executive education, and business solution services activities.

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