University of Hull MBA graduation ceremony – Monday 11th July 13:30 (Hull City Hall), Cap and Gown (Guild Hall) and Post graduation celebration (Station Hotel)


For those University of Hull MBA graduates who will be attending the graduation today, will be gearing up or will be shortly getting ready for a milestone in their life – their graduation!

The following information might help you to enjoy the day further and make the most of the day;

Cap and Gown – Guild Hall

hull guidhall

Getting there:

Graduation ceremony – City Hall 13:30, you need to be there by 13:00 at the latest to take your seat.

Hull City Hall

Getting to the City Hall from Holiday Inn by foot:

After the graduation ceremony it would be great to get some photos of the MDCI graduates from across the Gulf and MDCI’s representative Roberto Rice will be there.

mercure station hotel

Finally there will be a post graduation reception at the Station Hotel where graduates can meet other graduates, meet staff and take photos.

If you have any questions, please contact Roberto Rice – +44 (0) 7832 688530.

Enjoy the day!


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